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Mercado Bom Gourmet - Online shop of portuguese wine and gourmet products - Codfish Portuguese Style Conservas Naval 120grs

The Producer
Nero family moved from Italy to Portugal in 1680 with the goal of producing salted and dried fish.

Nero settled in Sesimbra due to the world famous quality of the Portuguese fish, and in particular the one from Setúbal coast.

During the more than three centuries that followed this, much has changed , but there are two things that still remain the same: the use of raw materials of excellent quality and the "know-how" which passed through generations, and allowed us to enjoy today Canned Fish with excellent quality and unmatched flavor.

Discover now the delicious Conservas Nero’s products !

Codfish Portuguese Style Conservas Naval 120grs

Inside this can, the portuguese all time favorite fish Bacalhau (Cod Fish) is with an excellent company- olive oil and garlic! 

You cannot miss out on this product, where every bite overflows with Portugality! A must try if you want to understand what portuguese food culture is all about!

€ 3.75


You can also enjoy this canned product over a small toast, and topping with olive oil paste- where the coastal Portugal meets the Inland Portugal!


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