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Mercado Bom Gourmet - Online shop of portuguese wine and gourmet products - White Wine Hobby Tejo Region, 2013 (Rodolfo Tristão Selection)

The Producer
"Because, when we are not making wine, we are drinking it!". This was the motto that trigged Hobby Wines project

Hobby, by definition a pastime which reflects an entertainment activity during the spear time, is undoubtedly something that Diogo Campilho and Pedro Pinhão can relate to. However in this case, hobby is more than an exciting way to pass their time: Hobby is the life of this two winemakers.

Of course that such a passion could only lead to extraordinary wines that we invite you to try!

White Wine Hobby Tejo Region, 2013 (Rodolfo Tristão Selection)

Hobby White Wine 2013 is the best choice for your hot summer afternoons!

It is an aromatic wine, with tropical notes of pineapple combined with a touch of vanilla scent from the wood.

The palate is plump, fresh and balanced.

Region: Tejo
Year: 2013
Grapes: Chardonnay e Fernao Pires
Glass: Riedel Chardonnay or Schott Diva Borgonha or Larifari Borgonha
Wine Serving Temperature: 10ºC/12ºC

€ 8.99

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Product Awards

Selection of Rodolfo Tristão [More Information]


Right choice to go with a barbecue, combining well both with grilled meat or grilled fish. This wine also goes well with soft cheeses.


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