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Mercado Bom Gourmet - Online shop of portuguese wine and gourmet products - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fadista  500ml

The Producer
The Fadista Olive oil is a family business founded in 2002 in Portalegre region.

In addition to the activity developed in the family estates , the company also produces a great quality olive oil, full of soul and Portuguese tradition – the Fadista Olive Oil

“Fadista” is the name given to the singers of Fado, a very popular Portuguese music style, and leveraging this tradition, the Fadista olive oil aims to be an ambassador of Portugal in the world- an ambassador of Portuguese cuisine.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fadista 500ml

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fadista is a superior olive oil, obtained directly from olives solely by mechanical means
Tasting notes: Fresh aroma , fruity and slightly spicy
Acidity: 0.3 %

€ 4.49


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