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Mercado Bom Gourmet - Online shop of portuguese wine and gourmet products - Tuna Fillets with Thyme by Conservas Santa Catarina

The Producer

Inheriting São Jorge Island’s ancient tradition of canned fish production, Santa Catarina is a company that exclusively works with tuna fish, and is very proud of still using today the traditional fishing techniques, such as Salto e Vara a technique that is 100% sustainable.
To produce these true delicacies, Santa Catarina uses only tuna fish seasoned with natural ingredients.

Tuna Fillets with Thyme by Conservas Santa Catarina

On the Azores Sea and we can fish the best and most tasty tuna, fished in the traditional way , through Jump and pole vault.

In the case of the Tuna Fillets with Thyme by Conservas Santa Catarina , also the thyme comes from the São Jorge Fajãs (one of Azores Islands) where in their gardens are grown all kinds of spices and herbs .

The result is an unforgettable travel of flavors without leaving home.

€ 3.25

Product Awards

Gold Medal - Best of the best in Canned Fish National Awards 2013


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